Virginia Beach beckons families with a blend of coastal charm and child-friendly attractions. Here, adventure sports are tailored for all ages, offering gentle thrills and laughter. 

The aquarium reveals a world of marine splendor, igniting young imaginations, while fishing excursions turn the Atlantic into a discovery playground. 

Water parks, with their splashing excitement, promise a respite from the heat. 

Every activity in Virginia Beach is designed to stitch a tapestry of joyful memories, making it an idyllic backdrop for the stories families will cherish for years.

Explore 8 fun activities to do in Virginia Beach with kids.

#1 Fishing with Mom & Dad

Fishing at Little Island Park in Virginia Beach is a delightful family activity. The park offers a 400-foot fishing pier and a 2,000-foot beach where kids can learn to fish in the calm waters of Back Bay. 

It’s not just about the catch; it’s about spending quality time together, surrounded by nature, and creating lifelong memories. 

The park’s amenities ensure a comfortable and engaging experience for all ages, making it a perfect family outing.


#2 Kayaking 

Kayaking in Virginia Beach is a delightful activity for families, especially with kids. It’s not just about paddling through the serene waters; it’s an immersive experience of nature’s wonders. 

Guided tours offer a chance to encounter dolphins in their natural habitat, a sight that thrills both young and old. The calm waters of Lynnhaven Inlet are perfect for beginners, ensuring a safe environment for children to learn and explore. 

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As they glide over the gentle waves, families can bond over shared discoveries, from spotting dolphins to learning about the area’s rich history and diverse ecosystem. 

It’s an educational, exciting, and unique way to experience the beauty of Virginia Beach, making kayaking a must-do for any family visit.

#3 Escape2Win Escape Rooms

Escape2Win, an escape room in Virginia Beach, offers an exhilarating experience that is perfect for families seeking adventure. With various themed rooms, from ghostly encounters to lunar lockdowns, there’s a challenge for every age and interest. 

The immersive settings and special effects create an engaging atmosphere, encouraging teamwork and problem-solving. As the clock ticks down, children and adults alike will delight in the thrill of deciphering clues and solving puzzles together. 

It’s not just a game; it’s a bonding experience that combines fun, education, and the excitement of a live-action puzzle. Escape2Win is a memorable way to spend quality time with kids in Virginia Beach.

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#4 Club Farming

Farming in Virginia Beach, especially at places like Hunt Club Farm, is a delightful activity for families with kids. It’s an interactive way to learn about local agriculture and get up close with various friendly farm animals. 

The farm offers a petting zoo, seasonal events, and educational tours that engage children’s curiosity and excitement. Activities like pony rides, Easter egg hunts, and Halloween festivals provide wholesome entertainment while teaching kids about the cycles of nature and the importance of supporting local farms. 

It’s a unique blend of fun and learning where kids can play, explore, and gain a new appreciation for where their food comes from.

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#5 Hiking!

Hiking in Virginia Beach with kids is an amusing adventure, offering an array of trails that cater to all ages and skill levels. The crisp fall weather provides a comfortable backdrop for exploring the vibrant colors of the landscape.

Trails like the Cape Henry Trail and Bald Cypress Trail are not only scenic but also educational, with opportunities to spot local wildlife and learn about the area’s ecosystems. 

The Pleasure House Point Natural Area presents a gentle terrain for little legs, and the eco-friendly Brock Environmental Center adds an exciting stop. 

With the combination of easy-access trails, engaging natural habitats, and the chance for family bonding, Virginia Beach is a delightful destination for a family hike.

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#6 Biking All The Way

Biking in Virginia Beach offers an enchanting experience for families, especially those with kids. The city’s boardwalk, designed with cyclists in mind, provides a safe and scenic route along the coast, free from the worry of traffic. 

Families can enjoy the unique experience of riding four-wheeled surrey bikes, allowing the whole family to pedal together and take in the ocean breeze. With over 100 miles of trails, including the diverse ecosystems of First Landing State Park and the secluded beaches accessible only by bike at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, there’s a sense of adventure that appeals to both young and old. 

The variety of trails and the joy of riding alongside nature make biking in Virginia Beach a delightful activity that combines fun, exercise, and exploration.

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#7 Visit to the Aquarium 

Visiting the Virginia Aquarium is a delightful experience for families in Virginia Beach, especially those with kids. The aquarium offers a chance to explore the wonders of marine life through its vast array of exhibits and species. 

Children can marvel at the colorful fish, learn about conservation, and even participate in hands-on activities like nature-focused playtime in the Discovery Garden. 

The Adventure Park provides an aerial adventure with ropes courses and ziplining, adding a thrill to the educational visit. 

The aquarium’s commitment to connecting people with the marine environment makes it an inspiring place for young minds to learn about and appreciate our oceans.

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#8 A Day at the Water Park with Family

Virginia Beach, with its vibrant coastal charm, offers a splash-tastic escape for families at its array of water parks. Kids can revel in the joy of water slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools, which are a perfect antidote to the summer heat. 

These parks, like Ocean Breeze Waterpark and others mentioned on Yelp, provide a safe and thrilling environment where laughter and joy echo as children dash from one attraction to another. 

The water parks in Virginia Beach are not just about the fun rides; they also offer a chance for families to bond, creating unforgettable memories as they enjoy the various water activities together.

In the warm embrace of Virginia Beach, every moment spent with children is infused with joy and discovery. 

From the gentle thrill of adventure sports to the educational encounters at the aquarium, the outdoor fishing adventures, and the exhilarating rides at water parks, there’s a treasure trove of experiences awaiting families. 

These attractions are not just activities; they’re the building blocks of precious childhood memories. 

Virginia Beach, with its endless amusement, ensures that the laughter of children and the contentment of families echo long after the vacation ends.

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Cheers to a fun family outing!

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