Looking to wow your partner on February 14th? Searching for Valentine’s Day activities in Virginia Beach that will amaze your Valentine?

You’ve come to the right place!

Having hosted several couples at our escape room – and being longtime residents and business owners in Virginia Beach – we know where to best feel Cupid’s blessings around here.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, prepare to fall in love with yourselves amidst Virginia Beach’s charm!

Dolphin kayak tours

Dolphin kayak tours

Experience the thrill of Dolphin Kayak Tours with your Valentine in scenic Virginia Beach.

Ready for some apex entertainment in Virginia Beach this Valentine’s Day? Go for a dolphin kayak tour, a unique blend of adventure and romance. 

Picture this: You and your sweetheart in a kayak, navigating the calm waters as dolphins playfully surface around you – an especially enchanting scene at sunset.

Worried about never having kayaked before? 

Don’t worry. 

These tours – top April activities in Virginia Beach also – are led by trained professionals, making them a hit with anyone, regardless of prior experience in kayaking. 

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So, whether you’re a local or just visiting, grab this chance to make waves in your relationship with an unforgettable kayak journey amongst Virginia Beach’s friendly dolphins.

Pro tip: Book in advance, as these tours are a hot pick for couples seeking a special experience.

Escape room date with us at Escape2Win Escape Room

Escape room date

Bond over brain-teasers with your Valentine here at Escape2Win.

Want to go on an adventure (yeah, you read that right – an adventure) this Valentine’s Day in Virginia Beach? 

Check us out! 

As the top escape room in Virginia Beach, we pride ourselves on offering games catering to various tastes and skill levels. 

A thrilling blend of storytelling, puzzle-solving, and teamwork, our games are ideal for Valentine’s Day couples and Galentine’s Day groups.

Whether solving the enigmatic puzzles of Houdini Heist as a couple or escaping Lunar Lockdown on a double date, you’re in for an unforgettable experience.

So, if you want to celebrate St. Valentine’s with an escape room date in Virginia Beach, Escape2Win is the place to be!

Seafood dinner at Tautog’s Restaurant

Seafood dinner at Tautog's Restaurant

Savor the taste of love with a seafood dinner at Tautog’s on Valentine’s Day. Representational image.

If you and your significant other are seafood lovers, Tautog’s is a must-visit for Valentine’s Day at Virginia Beach. 

Nestled in a cozy cottage setting, this top seafood restaurant provides the perfect intimate ambiance for a romantic dinner on February 14th.

Their menu offers a variety of fresh, locally sourced seafood that will cater to all tastes. 

Pro tip: We hear their classic she-crab soup and shrimp & grits are quite popular among couples and for big family gatherings.

Explore the Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Discover the charming sights of Virginia Beach Boardwalk with your loved one.

Ready to enjoy a blend of ocean views and vibrant Virginia Beach culture with your love this Valentine’s? 

Then here’s where you need to head – The Virginia Beach Boardwalk. 

Stretching over three miles, this scenic walkway is the perfect February 14th getaway.

From the charming street performers to the inviting cafes and unique shops – there’s a bevy of elements that make the boardwalk one of the most Instagrammable places in Virginia Beach and a great draw for Galentine’s Day groups too! 

Looking for a leisurely hand-in-hand stroll with your beau? Visit at night to bask in the soft glow of the boardwalk lights. 

Feeling adventurous? Rent a tandem bike and breeze through the sights together (great for wintertime activities too!)

With its captivating ocean backdrop and endless activities, the Boardwalk is one of the best ways to light up Valentine’s Day/Galentine’s Day in Virginia Beach!

The Porch on Long Creek

The Porch on Long Creek

Relax and unwind at The Porch on Long Creek, a perfect Valentine’s retreat in Virginia Beach. Representational image.

Searching for a serene and savory February 14th in Virginia Beach? The Porch on Long Creek fits the bill!

This charming spot, celebrated for its inviting atmosphere and scrumptious cuisine, offers a tranquil waterfront dining experience. 

Just like Tautog’s, The Porch is known for offering a diverse menu made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. They also happen to be 2023 Gold Restaurant winners.

Enjoy a romantic evening in their cozy indoor seating, or opt for the picturesque outdoor setting for an under-the-stars dinner with your Valentine.

Pro tip: If you’re visiting for the first time, get a taste of their sushi, scallops, and crab cakes – Thank us later!

Check out programs at the Family Fun Xperience Theatre

Family Fun Xperience Theatre

Engage in the exciting programs at Family Fun Xperience Theatre for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. Representational image.

Do you and your Valentine like taking part in exciting events like couples’ gameshows, country music performances, and so on? 

If you are, you should see what the Family Fun Xperience Theatre has going on around February 14th this year!

Located at 206 16th St., the theatre opens its box office 30 minutes before each show, making it a convenient stop for an evening of fun.

And you can pre-order pizza to load your event with further goodness!

Go for a hike through First Landing State Park

First Landing State Park

Explore nature’s beauty with a romantic hike at First Landing State Park.

Are you and your Valentine looking to work those quads while enjoying stunning views and fresh air?

If yes, head for First Landing State Park, one of the top Virginia Beach state parks

Imagine walking hand-in-hand through lush trails, enjoying the cacophony of bird calls, insect noises, and whatnot.

Explore diverse habitats from beaches to marshes, and even try beach camping…after all, the Park is known for being a premier beach camping destination! You can camp right on the dunes.

With well-marked trails, a visitors’ center with a gift shop, restrooms & cafe, and stunning beach sunsets, First Landing State Park is a great place to bond with your partner on Valentine’s Day!

Pro tip: If you’re visiting for the first time, ask for the Bald Cypress Swamp Trail – it’s very popular!

Spend some time at Sandbridge Beach

Sandbridge Beach

Find your tranquil escape at Sandbridge Beach this Valentine’s.

The Boardwalk and First Landing State Park do give you amazing views of our beaches, but they tend to remain somewhat busy.

If you prefer a more secluded and serene beach get-together with your Valentine in Virginia Beach, head for Sandbridge Beach.

Enjoy long, leisurely walks on the beach collecting seashells and watching the waves crash onto the sand. It’s what makes Sandbridge one of the most blogger-friendly places in Virginia Beach.

Keep your eyes peeled, and you’ll even get to spot dolphins! Of course, if you want to get up close with dolphins, you should book a dolphin kayak tour.

So, to spend February 14th away from the madding crowds, having profound conversations with your partner, or simply gazing at each other against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, you know where to go!

Explore marine life at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Dive into the ocean’s mysteries with your Valentine at Virginia Aquarium. Representational image.

First Landing State Park and Sandbridge Beach are great for outdoorsy Valentines, but…

If you prefer to remain indoors while catching views of everything from komodo dragons to stingrays and seals, plan your Valentine’s Day at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center.

One of Virginia Beach’s most popular indoor rainy-day activities, this place offers a fascinating view into numerous aspects of marine life.

Wandering through the center, marveling at jellyfish gracefully gliding through their aquarium and otters playfully prancing around can be a powerful way to bond with one another.

The Center is known for its conservation efforts – which should be an added attraction for eco-conscious couples.

Pro tip: If you feel inspired to top up your visit with an outdoor stroll, go for their Nature Trail – a quiet stroll through Owls Creek!

Visit the Cape Henry Lighthouse

Cape Henry Lighthouse

Share a moment at the iconic Cape Henry Lighthouse this Valentine’s. Representational image.

Raise your Virginia Beach Valentine’s Day to “new heights”, so to speak, with a trip to the Cape Henry Lighthouse!

One of the most Instagram-friendly places around here, an ascent through the spiraling steps of the lighthouse is more than just another climb – it’s a journey through time. It’s also a top destination on National Lighthouse Day.

Reaching the top, you’ll be greeted with breathtaking panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay, a perfect backdrop for a romantic moment.

Mark the occasion with some memorabilia from the gift shop.

Pro tip: The lighthouse falls within Fort Story, a military training base. So carry some ID and prepare to be checked before you’re allowed inside.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans in Virginia Beach this year?

valentines activities

Discover activities in Virginia Beach that will amaze your partner this Valentine’s Day.

Thanks for reading through the blog post – and hope you got the inspiration that you were looking for!

Selecting the best Valentine’s Day activity in Virginia Beach can be tough, but our shortlist should have given you a great head start.

Whether challenging yourselves at the best VA beach escape room or enjoying a serene walk on Sandbridge Beach, each activity promises a unique blend of excitement and intimacy. 

Don’t forget to book now to secure your spot in these popular destinations. 

This February 14th, let Virginia Beach be the backdrop of your love story, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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