Do you fancy a good riddle? Are you the kind of adventurer who thrives on hard escape rooms and intriguing brain teasers? 

Then get ready for a remarkable journey with us at our Virginia Beach escape room – where every second counts and your intellect is your most reliable guide.

Go through our escape games, and see which intrigues you the most…

The Attic

The Attic

You’ve inherited the eccentric legacy of your late Great Uncle Adam – a farmhouse steeped in bizarre mystery and rustic charm. 

As the weeks go by, you begin to question Uncle Adam’s reputation as the town’s oddball, his tales of uncanny happenings, misplaced belongings, and a dread of being watched. 

The echo grows louder in the attic, a place where the air hangs heavy with dread.

Are you brave enough to venture into the attic, confront the unseen, and challenge whatever resides within in a quest for answers? 

Immerse yourself in an enigma where reality and the extraordinary intertwine, and perhaps you’ll find that Uncle Adam was not so ‘crazy’ after all. 

The ticking clock beckons; what will you discover when the silence of the attic is broken?

You’ll enjoy venturing into the Attic if you are…

  • A Horror Devotee: Ready to step off the screen and into the real terror? The Attic offers an immersive horror experience that rivals the best of scary movies and haunted houses.
  • A Mature Adventurer: With chills and thrills designed for those 14 and above, The Attic guarantees an adrenaline-filled ride for teens and adults who enjoy heart-racing escapades.
  • An Escape Room Connoisseur: If you appreciate the cunning twists and turns of a challenging escape room, The Attic’s complex puzzles and immersive narrative won’t disappoint.
  • A Small Group: Whether you’re a family, a group of friends, or a band of brave coworkers, The Attic, accommodating 3 to 6 players, is a perfect rendezvous for a test of collaboration and nerves.
  • A Daring First-timer: Love a good scare but new to escape rooms? The Attic, while intense, offers manageable chills and thrills that could be the adventurous intro you’re seeking.
  • A Detail-Lover: Admire a well-designed room and story? The Attic’s high-quality, immersive set and strong narrative are a feast for your senses.
  • A Virginia Beach Visitor: Looking for a unique, adventurous local experience? The Attic is highly favored by repeat visitors, making it a must-try during your stay.
  • A Creative Problem-Solver: Relish complex puzzles and thinking outside the box? The Attic’s challenges will get your creative juices flowing even under pressure. So, do you dare to uncover the secrets that await in The Attic?

Care to uncover the mystery of The Attic? – Plan Your Escape

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Scene of the Crime

Scene of the Crime

The year is 1939. 

An infamous serial killer known as the Tarot Killer has struck again.

This time, his victim is Miles Bowman, P.I., who has been found dead in his office.

You have gained access to Miles’ room.

Can you follow the clues and succeed where Miles failed? Can you stop the Tarot Killer? You have 1 hour!

Step inside the office of Miles Bowman, PI, if you are…

  • A Veteran Code-Cracker: To those of you who have braved the enigmatic labyrinths of escape rooms before and crave a further test of your mettle – Scene of the Crime is your next daring venture.
  • A Detective Drama Devotee: If the thrill of crime dramas or the mystery of detective novels sends a shiver of anticipation down your spine, this murder mystery game will drop you right into the heart of your own thrilling narrative.
  • A Small Squad: Calling all quartets or trios! Be it a family, a team of colleagues, or just a close-knit group of friends, Scene of the Crime is the perfect challenge for your compact crew.
  • The Brains of the Operation: To those who thrive on cerebral puzzles and revel in flexing their logic muscles, this game offers a brain-teasing gauntlet you won’t be able to resist.
  • A Visitor to the area: Whether you’re a proud local or a keen-eyed tourist in the Hampton Roads area, Scene of the Crime provides an immersive and unforgettable experience that will top your to-do list.
  • A Sucker for Immersion: If intricate set designs and unexpected plot twists are your bread and butter, this room’s meticulously crafted atmosphere and compelling narrative will draw you right into the heart of the crime scene.
  • A Mature Mystery Solver: While the suspenseful theme and brain-stumping challenges ideally suit adults and older teens, younger participants are welcome to test their problem-solving skills alongside their elders.
  • A Thrill-Chaser: For those of you who live for the adrenaline rush of surprises and relish overcoming challenging obstacles, Scene of the Crime offers an exhilarating, suspense-filled adventure.

Ready to unmask the Tarot Killer? – Plan Your Escape

Lunar Lockdown

Lunar Lockdown

In the cold, inky void of space, the once formidable Star Command vessel – the LUNAR ECLIPSE – floats in eerie silence. All communications, all signs of life, abruptly ceased. 

As the courageous members of a vital rescue mission, your objective is clear: enter the spaceship, power it up, and pilot it back to Earth.

But beware, a formidable adversary – the extraterrestrial Daschi, notorious for their relentless assaults, are closing in. 

They’ll be here in SIXTY MINUTES!

Dare you undertake this interstellar expedition and save the Star Command from the Daschi?

You’ll relish going on this space adventure if you are…

  • An Escape Room Veteran: If you relish advanced, demanding escapades, Lunar Lockdown is your ticket to the next big challenge. Designed for the connoisseur of escape rooms, this adventure takes complexity to a whole new level!
  • A Sci-Fi and Adventure Enthusiast: With an abandoned starship, an alien attack looming, and a race against time, Lunar Lockdown plunges you straight into the heart of an intergalactic adventure that’s straight out of a thrilling space odyssey.
  • A Tech-Savvy Player: Step up! Dive into an interactive journey full of advanced technology and cutting-edge puzzles. If the marriage of technology and mystery excites you, Lunar Lockdown will prove an exhilarating date.
  • A Local or Tourist in Virginia Beach: If you’re scouting for a top-rated, memorable experience, Lunar Lockdown is hailed as one of the best escape rooms in the Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach area. Unearth a gem in your own backyard or add a thrilling chapter to your travelogue.
  • A Fan of Immersive Experiences: Prepare to be transported! With meticulous design, stunning effects, and a compelling atmosphere, Lunar Lockdown is more than a game—it’s an immersive journey into the vast expanse of space!
  • A Puzzle Lover: Get ready to test your mental mettle! With intricate, logically flowing challenges, Lunar Lockdown will set your grey cells buzzing and make you think, strategize, and solve like never before.

Looking forward to your interstellar voyage? – Plan Your Escape

Ghostly Encounter

Ghostly Encounter

In the bitter cold of February 1974, a curious reporter ventured into the shadowy depths of Gravenhurst Manor, following whispers of ghostly happenings. He was never heard from again.

And with time, rumors grew of eerie noises, phantasmal sightings of a bride’s spirit, and the unsettling chill of the unknown. 

Is there truth veiled behind these ghostly tales? 

What fate befell the brave reporter who dared to tread where others fear? 

As part of an intrepid team of Ghost Hunters, dare you uncover the truth of Gravenhurst Manor? You have SIXTY MINUTES.

You’ll look forward to treading into Gravenhurst Manor if you are…

  • A Ghost Whisperer and Horror Buff: Step into the eerie narrative that is Ghostly Encounter, a perfect match for those who find solace in the shivers down their spine, a haunting atmosphere, and the suspenseful, hair-raising tales of the supernatural.
  • An Armchair Detective: The case of the vanished reporter and the tragic bride begs to be solved. Do you fancy yourself as a sleuth who can crack open cryptic mysteries and unravel a tangled crime story? This is your stage.
  • On A Date or Family Outing: Whether it’s a date for two, a party of friends seeking a thrill, or a family bonding adventure, Ghostly Encounter can accommodate a team of 2-6 players. We’ve seen wide-eyed youngsters and seasoned adults equally entranced by the enigma.
  • A Tech Wizard / Innovation Seeker: Our glowing reviews reveal how Ghostly Encounter melds advanced technology with inventive game design. If you enjoy cutting-edge thrills, this spectral journey is your calling.
  • An Ambiance Appreciator: If a well-curated atmosphere is your cup of tea, prepare to be immersed in our gothic horror setting – every corner, every prop is meticulously designed to take your breath away.
  • A Visitor Exploring Virginia Beach: As per our satisfied customers, Ghostly Encounter ranks highly among the Hampton Roads escape room experiences. It’s an adventure that both residents and tourists shouldn’t miss.

Feel like solving the mystery of Gravenhurst Manor? – Plan Your Escape

The Explorers’ Club

The Explorers’ Club

Beneath the glow of a flickering gas lamp, you and your team find yourselves enveloped in a world of wonder, a peculiar treasure trove filled with relics and oddities from every corner of the globe. 

Welcome to the sanctum of the famed, yet wonderfully eccentric, explorer Sir Edmund Carter. 

This is the Explorers’ Club, a labyrinth of clues and puzzles, all handcrafted by Sir Edmund himself. 

But beware! Sir Edmund is not one for easy games. 

Outwit his challenges and make your escape before the sands of the hourglass fall. 

The Club is always seeking new ‘permanent’ exhibits, and sixty minutes is all that stands between you and an eternity in Sir Edmund’s collection. 

Will you be able to break free, or will you become the next artifact of the Explorers’ Club?

Match wits with Sir Edmund Carter if you are…

  • A Newbie: Are you a first-time escape room player seeking an exhilarating yet accessible experience? ‘The Explorers’ Club’ has garnered rave reviews for its immersive yet beginner-friendly design.
  • A Seasoned Sleuth: Don’t let the newbie-friendly label deter you! Many seasoned escape room veterans have hailed the room’s unique challenges and clever narrative.
  • Looking For Family Fun Time: Got young adventurers aged 7 to 13 in tow? We’ve got you covered. Our game offers age-appropriate and engaging puzzles that both kids and adults will love solving together.
  • A Group of Thrill-Seekers: Looking to make that birthday bash or group outing memorable? Our room can accommodate 3-8 players, making it an exciting choice for larger gatherings.
  • An Adventure Aficionado: If you get a thrill from exploration and mystery-driven narratives, then ‘The Explorers’ Club’ is right up your alley.
  • A Detail Devotee: Our room is a feast for the eyes with its intricate props and decorations. If you admire immersive game design and close attention to detail, you’re in for a treat.
  • A Virginia Beach Visitor: Locals and tourists alike have chosen ‘The Explorers’ Club’ as their favorite. Join in to discover what the buzz is all about!

Ready to prove yourself smarter than Sir Carter? – Plan Your Escape

Are you planning a family outing in Virginia Beach?

Are you planning a family outing in Virginia Beach?

Escape2Win is your perfect destination! Not only are we the most popular escape room in Virginia Beach, but we also offer a range of family-friendly games catering to a wide range of tastes. 

For families with younger children, we recommend ‘The Explorers’ Club’, lauded for its adventure-driven narrative and age-appropriate puzzles. 

Alternatively, ‘Ghostly Encounter’ is a thrilling option for families with older kids who love mystery and horror themes, promising a memorable bonding experience filled with eerie surprises, intricate puzzles, and unforgettable moments.

Having an evening out with friends in Virginia Beach?

Having an evening out with friends in Virginia Beach?

Look no further than Escape2Win for an unforgettable experience! With five unique escape rooms to choose from, your squad can immerse themselves in an adventure filled with mystery, intrigue, and fun. 

‘Scene of the Crime’ is an ideal choice for fans of detective stories, challenging your group with a thrilling criminal investigation. 

Alternatively, if your group enjoys horror, ‘Ghostly Encounter’ provides a haunting mystery to solve, ensuring an evening filled with thrills, chills, and plenty of memorable moments.

Are you a visitor to/entertaining a visitor to Virginia Beach?

Are you a visitor to/entertaining a visitor to Virginia Beach?

Then a thrilling, immersive experience awaits you at Escape2Win! Voted as a top-rated tourist destination, our escape rooms offer a uniquely local flavor and adventure. 

Visitors and locals alike rave about ‘The Explorers’ Club’, perfect for a shared venture into unknown territories, complete with intriguing curiosities from around the globe. 

With rave reviews from both locals and tourists, a visit to Escape2Win is more than just a game – it’s a way to make lasting memories of your time in Virginia Beach.

Are you planning a birthday party in Virginia Beach?

Escape2Win provides a uniquely memorable experience that will be the talk of your child’s friend circle for weeks to come! 

Our games cater to various ages, with ‘The Explorers’ Club’ offering age-appropriate puzzles for younger guests, making it the perfect adventurous celebration. 

For teens or adults, ‘Ghostly Encounter’ or ‘Scene of the Crime’ offer more challenging puzzles and a thrilling narrative, sure to captivate and entertain. 

The decor of our rooms, our friendly and helpful staff, and our attention to detail will ensure an unforgettable birthday that your family will cherish.

Searching for date destinations in Virginia Beach?

Searching for date destinations in Virginia Beach?

Check out Escape2Win for an unforgettable and unique date experience that showcases your adventurous spirit. 

Our escape games provide an exciting setting for you to work together, enhancing your bonding time, with ‘Ghostly Encounter’ offering a spooky yet fun atmosphere.

If you and your partner are more into the thrill of investigation, ‘Scene of the Crime’ could provide the perfect setting for you to solve a mystery together. 

With an exciting narrative, engaging puzzles, and a memorable shared experience, an Escape2Win date is certain to make lasting impressions.

Explore blogger-friendly places in Virginia Beach.

Looking for team building options in Virginia Beach?

Looking for team building options in Virginia Beach?

Look no further than Escape2Win, where cooperation meets fun, creating a dynamic experience that reinforces team bonds and problem-solving skills, even if some of our challenges are hard escape rooms.

Our escape room, ‘The Explorers’ Club’, is particularly apt, facilitating teamwork and communication in an exciting, puzzle-solving context. 

For larger groups, ‘Lunar Lockdown’ becomes an engaging challenge that encourages collaboration – and what’s more, we offer a generous 20% discount for groups of 8 or more, making it a highly affordable team-building solution.
At Escape2Win, you won’t just take on brain teasers but create a memorable event and foster vital team dynamics in a thrilling setting.

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