Ever found yourself stuck in an escape room, clueless about your next move? 

Wondering why some teams seem to have all the answers, effortlessly unlocking every challenge? 

Do you often feel you have the enthusiasm but lack the right escape game strategies? 

Well, you’re not alone. 

Many enthusiasts grapple with the puzzle of how to win escape rooms. 

But guess what? 

There’s a method to the madness, and as Virginia Beach’s top escape room, we’ve got the inside scoop! 

Dive into this blog post and unlock the secrets to becoming an escape game champion.

Assemble your best team

Assemble Best Team

Ever wondered what truly elevates your escape room experience? It’s the camaraderie and fun you share with your teammates. 

While it’s tempting to assemble a team of “brainiacs,” remember that everyone brings unique strengths to the table. 

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Whether it’s quick thinking, creativity, agility, or a keen eye for detail, diversity in skills is key. 

We’ll get to the ideal team size in a bit, but first, ensure you have a mix of talents to tackle the myriad of challenges that come your way.

Make sure your team is the right size

So, how many is too many? 

Here’s the deal – Room size and puzzle complexity play a huge part in this. 

While escape rooms are all about teamwork, cramming in too many brains might just spoil the fun. 

A group of 3 to 5 buddies usually hits the sweet spot. 

Please refer to our blog post on escape room team sizes for more insight.

Remember, IQ isn’t everything

While a high IQ might help you crack codes, escape rooms demand a diverse skill set. Emotional intelligence (EQ) often plays a pivotal role, allowing teams to communicate effectively and manage stress. 

It’s the collective skill of the group, not the IQ of any single player, that truly makes the difference. 

So, while intelligence is a bonus, collaboration, creativity, and EQ often hold the key to escape room success.

Please visit our blog post on whether IQ matters in escape rooms for further insight.

Make sure the team arrives on time

Team Arrival Punctuality

Ever thought about the impact of those few minutes you might lose by arriving late to an escape room? 

Every minute is precious, and showing up late could mean less time to solve puzzles and immerse in the experience. 

It’s not just about the game; arriving at least 15 minutes early ensures you have ample time to check in, complete necessary paperwork, and even make a quick restroom visit. 

While some places might let you reschedule, not all will offer this flexibility. 

So, always be punctual and set the stage for a winning escape room adventure!

Discuss skills and strengths before the game

Skills Strengths Discussion

Remember how we discussed that it’s the collective capacity of the escape room team that matters more than the individual IQ of any one player?

The question is, how do you make holistic use of this collective capacity?

Here’s how – Before the clock starts ticking and excitement takes over, discuss each team member’s unique skills and expertise. 

Whether it’s wordplay, mental math, foreign languages, or even lockpicking, knowing who excels at what can streamline tasks during the game. 

This strategy not only minimizes in-game debates but also ensures everyone plays to their strengths, giving your team the edge in those nail-biting moments.

Know the rules of the game

Escape Room Game Rules

While it’s tempting to gloss over the pre-game briefing in excitement, these guidelines often serve dual purposes: ensuring your safety and offering subtle hints to help you win. 

So, the next time you’re gearing up for an escape room challenge, pay close attention to those seemingly mundane rules. 

They might just be the key to unlocking your exit strategy!

Be positive

Positive Attitude Escape Rooms

Yes, an escape room is a competition that challenges you to accomplish your “mission” before time runs out.

But you know what?

Seeing challenges as exciting opportunities, not daunting obstacles, boosts your chances of a triumphant escape. 

Stay positive, embrace the game’s twists and turns, and you’re on the path to victory. 

After all, if escape rooms were a breeze, where would the fun be?

Identify specific objectives

Identify Escape Room Objectives

Walking into the escape room, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the myriad of puzzles and clues. Especially if you’re a first-timer.

That’s why a winning escape room strategy starts with identifying specific objectives. 

As soon as you step in, scout for spots that require specific types of input: perhaps a mysterious keypad or an intriguing padlock. 

Imagine discovering a peculiar chest with a combination lock, and nearby, a painting with numbers hidden within its intricate details. 

That’s your cue! 

Your immediate objective? Decipher those numbers to unlock the chest. 

Stick to your plan

Stick to Escape Plan

Ever wondered why some teams breeze through escape rooms while others struggle? 

OK, there’s no one answer to that. HOWEVER…

One escape room tip that successful teams use is following the room’s logical, sequential order. 

Escape rooms are meticulously crafted so that one clue leads to the next. 

While the room might be filled with intriguing distractions, it’s essential to stay laser-focused on the clue at hand. 

By sticking to the path of clues, you’ll find yourself one step closer to victory.

Search everywhere – except where you’re TOLD NOT TO

Having hosted all kinds of teams in our escape room games, we’ve seen both extremes – teams that don’t look into half the places they’re supposed to, and groups that seek to turn everything over in a mad rush for clues.

Avoid doing either of those!

Remember – nothing is off-limits UNLESS you’ve been specifically told during your pre-game briefing (remember we mentioned how crucial that is?) that it’s off-limits.

Or if the game master asks you not to touch or move them (remember, the game master monitors and keeps in touch with you throughout the game), or if they’re marked “Do Not Touch”.

Don’t avoid puzzles

Not Avoiding Escape Room Puzzles

Another classic escape room mis-step that haunts first-time and casual players – avoiding tricky puzzles.

Don’t do that! 

Different team members tackling different puzzles allows each team member to be maximally effective. 

Dismissing puzzles as “too hard” can lead to crucial clues being overlooked. 

Remember, every puzzle in an escape room is solvable with the right strategy and teamwork.


Effective Communication Escape Rooms

Yeah, communication can be just as crucial an escape room strategy as quick thinking and effective time management (which we’ll get to in a while).

Without effective communication, you can face defeat in these challenging experiences. 

When you decipher a clue, unravel a mystery, or even have a budding idea, it’s crucial to loop in your teammates. 

This emphasis on communication is also why escape rooms have become invaluable training tools for business executives.

Utilize available hints

Are you one of those players that don’t ask for hints to show their puzzle-solving chops…until it’s too late?

Don’t do that.

Remember, what matters is whether you successfully escape or not – not whether you used hints, or even how many hints you used.

Second, hints are sort of baked into the experience.

Here’s the thing – they’re designed to guide you, not give away the game. 

Any escape room worth its salt will train game masters to offer hints, ensuring a team keeps up a steady progress if they hit a wall. 

Seeking a hint isn’t cheating; it’s merely a gentle push towards the solution. And trust us when we say that not seeking help and getting stuck at a point will frustrate you and spoil the experience a lot more than getting a hint would!

Don’t forget your clues!

Remember Escape Room Clues

Unlike linear puzzles, escape rooms scatter clues throughout, challenging you to remember and apply them at the right moments. 

It’s not always about the clue you just found; sometimes, it’s about connecting it with the one you discovered earlier. 

So, keep a mental (or physical) inventory of all your clues. Because in the world of escape rooms, simply finding the clues isn’t enough; the real challenge lies in discerning the perfect moment and place to use them!

Be organized

We just mentioned keeping an inventory of clues. Question is – how do you do that?

Here’s the secret – It’s all about organization! 

Establish designated spots for used and unused hints to avoid confusion. 

Remember, escape rooms are crafted with logic and order, so always look for patterns and try to group related hints together. 

While red herrings might throw you off, you can identify them by studying the room and identifying specific objectives – a great example of how to win escape rooms! 

Keep track of time!

Escape Room Time Management

“You have 60 minutes” might be the most cliche-sounding phrase to escape room enthusiasts.

However, cliche or not, it doesn’t change the fact that an escape room challenge includes a clock that mercilessly ticks down your time left, and that an hour can fly by in the blink of an eye. 

It’s essential to keep an eye on the clock, planning your moves and gauging when to seek a hint. 

If you find yourself stuck without progress for 5 minutes, it might be time to ask for some guidance. 

Remember, escape rooms are expertly crafted to be conquered within that hour, so make every second count!

Don’t overcomplicate things

While some everyday facts, like having some idea what a Morse code is, or how military time works, might come in handy in an escape room…

The fact of the matter is that most games are designed so that everything you need to succeed is right inside the room. 

There’s no need for special prior knowledge or expertise. Or, in other words, a PhD in math doesn’t have a higher chance of solving the room than you with their PhD knowledge. 

And in the spirit of not overcomplicating, here’s the one-sentence summary of this escape room strategy – The solution is much simpler than it first appears. 

Keep your focus on whatever clues and insight are available within the room, and ask the game master for help if you find yourself stuck.

Don’t overdress

Wondering what to wear for your next escape room challenge? Of course, dressing appropriately can significantly enhance your escape room experience.

So, what do we mean by “dressing appropriately”?

Here’s the 411 – 

  • Prioritize comfort and mobility; you’ll be moving a lot, possibly even crawling. 
  • Opt for breathable fabrics like cotton or linen to keep cool. 
  • If you book an escape room with us, we’re cool with almost any casual outfit; however, some escape rooms might have specific dress code requirements. So, always check in advance. 

Finally, remember that while it’s fun to get into character, you need to avoid bulky jewelry or accessories that could hinder movement if you want to maximize your odds of winning

Want to know more about what (and what not) to wear? Read our blog post on escape room fashion for more insight!

Don’t panic

Staying Calm Escape Rooms

We’ve already referred to the “ticking clock”, and mentioned keeping track of time as a top tip to beat escape games.

Here’s a different perspective on the “ticking clock” – it can make the experience incredibly stressful.

And that’s why it’s essential to have a coping strategy in place.

While the intensity of the experience can unnerve even the brightest minds, you need to stay calm. 

Remember this – panicking can lead to hasty decisions, freezing up, or even giving up. 

By keeping your cool, you not only enhance your chances of winning but also ensure everyone has a more enjoyable experience.

For more insight, read our blog on fear and panic in escape rooms.

The most crucial tip – Have fun!

Looking for the ultimate escape room strategy? 

It’s simple: Have fun! 

Escape rooms are crafted to challenge, excite, and spark laughter, offering a memorable hour with loved ones. 

Whether it’s a team-building event or a family outing, the real victory lies in the smiles and memories you create. 

So, even if you don’t crack the final code, remember, if you enjoyed the journey, you’ve already won!

Ready to put our escape room strategies to the test?

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of how to win escape rooms, it’s time to put these strategies into action. 

At Escape2Win, we invite you to challenge yourself and experience the thrill firsthand. Book a game with us today, and let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to emerge as the ultimate escape room champion!

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