Step into a world of adventure with themed escape rooms where you and your friends or family are challenged to find puzzles and clues and work together to escape the room within a particular time limit. 

From fantasy adventures and wonderlands to haunted houses and murder mysteries, escape room themes are essential when choosing to play an escape game room. If the theme doesn’t thrill you, you are most likely not to enjoy the adventure. 

But worry not! We have curated the 7 best-themed escape room games around the world that will blow your mind away! 

Explore below! 

Houdini’s Workshop from Clue Chase New York 

In this escape room theme, you are to search the room of the world-popular magician Harry Houdini, who has been debunking psychics and spiritualists. He became successful in his quest but died the immediate next day. A team must find those answers for safekeeping and the name of the supernatural person. Do you think you will be able to find all of it? 

This room consists of special tricks and magic created with professional magicians’ help and cooperation. 

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Houdini’s Workshop from Clue Chase New York

Scene of Crime from Escape2Win Virginia Beach 

A tarot killer has killed Miles Bowman, P.I. He had been brutally murdered, and you have been appointed to solve the final case. The year is 1939. Can you find the killer and hand them over to the police? 

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Island Escape from Breakout Games 

You and your squad are vacationing on a remote island when you are awakened by a dormant volcano springing back to life. Your group is the only one left on the island and must work together to find a safe place or escape the island before the lava kills you. Can you be an explorer and work your way out through the escape room theme? 

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Lunar Lockdown from Escape2Win Virginia 

In this themed escape room, you are tasked with refueling a ship within an hour. You are given a team and are a part of the rescue mission team to investigate the vehicle on a special mission – Lunar Eclipse. Can you help with another discovery, or will the astronauts die as American Heroes? 

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Submergency from Themescape Colorado 

While sailing, your ship has been captured by enemies, and you and your team are kept hostage on a docked submarine. The enemy has activated a self-destructive sequence that includes many traps left by mad assailants. Can you disarm the nuclear arms in an hour or die with the vessel in this escape room theme? 

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Narco Raid from Escapology Florida 

When an old friend invites you for a holiday changemaker to the Caribbean on his private jet, you realize you are headed to South America along with other members. He offers everyone $1 million to deliver his parcels. You have two choices – join the cartel or turn it over to the police. What do you choose?

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Ghostly Encounter from Escape2win Virginia 

In this themed escape room, you and your team find yourself stuck inside a room. A murder had been committed years before in that house, and a restless soul residing inside is still looking for revenge. Can you escape in one piece? 

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Before booking an escape game room, search for the theme and storyline. Check the theme out and consult with your group if that interests them. Otherwise, your experience can be a bust. 

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Also, tell us in the comments below what theme you chose and how your adventure went! 


Until then, cheers!

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