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Ghostly Encounter

Quick Details

Ghost Hunter


You and your band of intrepid Ghost Hunters are investigating Gravenhurst Manor-a Victorian mansion reputed to be haunted…some say by the ghost of a young bride, murdered on her wedding night.

Upon her death, It is rumored that her husband refused to allow any who came into the house to ever speak of her or even say her name.

And so the Bride was all but forgotten…but stories of unexplained phenomena, strange and unearthly noises, even the sightings of a ghostly apparition continued.

In 1974 the Manor was investigated by a curious reporter. He arrived at Gravenhurst on a stormy night in February but was never heard from again.

Maybe he left some clues behind…

Can you unlock the secrets of the Manor, and solve the mystery of the Ghostly Bride…or will you share the fate of the reporter?

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