Virginia Beach is a popular tourist destination for its beautiful beaches, boardwalks, diverse culture, sunsets, and rich history. Every place in Virginia Beach is worth a shot for bloggers/vloggers, photographers, videographers, and Instagrammers. 

And the best time to visit Virginia Beach is from late May to early September. To help you make the most of your trip to Virginia Beach, among the top tourist attractions, we have curated a list of 8 blogger friendly places in Virginia Beach. 

Grab your camera (pack extra batteries!) or pens (if you are a writer), and explore the city around you. 

Dig in! 

1. Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment 

The ARE is dedicated to exploring and promoting the teachings and readings of Edgar Cayce, aka the Sleeping Prophet. He was famously known for his psychic abilities and the ability to channel information on various subjects while in a trance state. 

The Association offers various programs, services, conferences, workshops, and classes to those interested in Cayce’s works. Head to their website to explore his teachings and have a chance at a class to blog about. 

Go around the establishment snapping. You will find a lot of artifacts, exhibits, and interesting collections from his time that the organization has preserved. They have a photography policy, so check the details before diving in. 

For Instagrammable places in Virginia Beach, head here. 

2. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge 

The Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is home to a diverse array of plant and animal life, including endangered species, migratory birds, marshes, dunes, and wildflowers, among various others. 

The refuge provides recreational opportunities as well. Hiking, fishing, boating, and wildlife viewing are a few to name. There are also guided tours and educational programs offered by the refuge. 

The entire refuge is a photographer’s den. The most photogenic are nature, the birds, and the animals. Scout the area to choose a good spot from where it will be beneficial for you to click wildlife and greenery. 

Be patient; you will have to wait to get the desired shot. Pack extra batteries, and you can also mount your camera on a tripod for better stable shots and videography. Take care of your surroundings and be mindful of the fact that you are in a forest. 

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3. Escape2Win, Virginia Beach 

Escape2Win provides a thrilling and gripping escape room experience for bloggers to write about and share their experiences with the audience. 

We offer 5 escape rooms to choose from. Themes include horror, rescue mission, crime, and adventure. Also, our escape rooms are a great way to spend time with friends or family. We also provide private party rooms to hang out and chill after your games. 

Click pictures or blog about the place, share tips and tricks to solving an escape room, or vlog about your entire Escape2Win experience. Remember to tag us! 

Head here if it is your first time in an escape room.

Escape2Win, Virginia Beach

4.Norfolk Botanical Garden

Another naturally photogenic paradise and a nature center. A 155-acre garden, Norfolk Botanical Garden features various plants and garden life. It is open year-round, and you can spot butterflies, birds, and other colorful animals roaming through the gardens. 

Start by packing a prime lens to capture the shots up close with a depth of field and in a portrait style. The entire garden is filled with artistic shots but decide on a place from where you will click your pictures. 

You may also choose to stay in one place for some time before you move on to the next step for more shots. Ensure that you have a plan in mind or what kind of shots you are looking for. Close-ups will be fun to edit and post. 

Explore this page for day trips from Virginia Beach with family and kids.

5.Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum 

The Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Mission is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the area’s history and culture of surfers and rescuers. The museum features a variety of displays and exhibits highlighting the history of the lifesavers and coast guards. They also provide classes on surviving the wild waves. 

The museum gives you a thrill while listening to the rescue stories and services. Take a sound recorder to record the narratives, or if you are a pen and paper person, then a pen and paper to note the important details. 

Absorb all the narratives and stories well and after everything gets over, come up with an interesting topic that will grip the audience. To be on the safer side, click all the pictures, or if you are not a photographer, Google has pretty much all the pictures. Haha. 

But you are sure to have a unique story to tell! 

And for the photography enthusiast, head to the beach to get some crazy surfing shots! Get your biggest zoom lens with an ND filter!

6.Paddle Boarding down Linkhorn Bay 

For the adventure enthusiast, try your hand at paddle boarding down Linkhorn Bay. Or, if you are a photographer, get down to the Bay to grab some gripping paddling pictures. 

Paddleboarding down Linkhorn Bay is a peaceful and serene experience. You will find many people, both beginners, and experienced paddleboarders, trying out the sport. Your shots will be mixed, both crazy and calming. 

Pack additional batteries and cultivate patience. Due to the movement of the sport, it might take a little time for beginner photographers to get the desired shot. Plus, you have the liberty to go creative! 

Bonus: Sunset time is best if you have an ND filter.

7. Harrison Opera House 

Harrison Opera House is a World War II USO theater – a historic performing arts venue in Norfolk, Virginia, that opened in 1911. The opera retains a stunning and intimate ambiance, with bistro tables, swirling staircases, and shimmering chandeliers. 

For photographers looking to click aesthetic pictures, this is the perfect place! With a three-storeyed lobby, floor-to-ceiling windows, finer acoustics, and loads of exhibits, the opera house is the ideal place.

Plus, if you have the provision to snap at the drama, the excitement is never-ending. You can talk to the owners beforehand to photograph a particular drama. This way, you can get photographs for yourself and make a few quick bucks too. 

Check their website for show details and accordingly pack your camera. Get your zoom lens and get clicking! 

This image has been taken from the Seven Venues website: 

8. Virginia Beach Neptune Festival 

For bloggers looking to snap portraits of different kinds, Neptune Festival will deliver you the best ones. The festival celebrates the beach culture with many sorts of activities and events open for people of all ages. 

The event happens on 6th to 8th Street, Virginia Beach, around the King Neptune statue, and includes parades, live concerts, art and crafts, food, and drinks. 

You can click all kinds of artistic shots and aesthetic portraits. 



Whether you come to Virginia Beach out of curiosity, for a pilgrimage, or for an opportunity, the city has something unexpected for you. One of the world’s most picturesque and photogenic destinations, the city will help you make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Simply capture the beauty of the place, post it on your feed and get ready to take the internet by storm. Go creative with your topics and clicks! 

For photographers, if you haven’t yet visited the city, it is time that you do and let us know how crazy were the photos and the destinations. For Instagrammers, get ready to go viral! 

Let the sun rise in Virginia Beach and kick off a new journey! The best beach destination. 

From the bucket list of places in Virginia Beach to blog or vlog about are – State Parks, National Parks, Virginia Beach Oceanfront, and Virginia Beach Boardwalk. Top vacation spot beaches include the Chesapeake Bay, Sandbridge beach, Amusement Parks, Restaurants to check out the culinary scene, famous places to eat in Virginia Beach, shopping centers, cafes, and breweries

Tell us, in the comments below, how Virginia Beach welcomed you. And remember to drop by our facility at 5241 Cleveland St #101, Virginia Beach, VA 23462, United States, at Escape2Win

And remember to tag us! #Escape2Win 

Until then, cheers!

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