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If you’re searching for a thrilling experience and things to do near Chesapeake, Virginia, you can’t go wrong with Escape2Win escape rooms in Virginia Beach.
You and your team have 60 minutes to solve puzzles, spot clues and accomplish your mission.
It is the ideal venue to host a team building event, a birthday party and other special occasions.

The Explorers' Club

Can you match wits
with the wily Sir Edmund Carter?

Ghostly Encounter

Find out what’s behind the happenings at
Gravenhurst Manor!

Lunar Lockdown

Can you restore power to a spaceship
before aliens attack?

Scene Of The Crime

Unmask a serial killer
before he strikes again!

Immersive Escape Rooms In Virginia Beach

What sets us apart is that we have a number of escape games based on different themes. Whether you fancy yourself as a paranormal investigator or as a deep space explorer, you will find an escape adventure that matches your fantasies.

Our escape games will put your teamwork, quick thinking and powers of observation to the test.

We have designed our mystery rooms to push your skills, but we have avoided making them so difficult that it results in frustration and disappointment, Our aim is to deliver an amazing and family-friendly experience for you. In fact, kids will enjoy taking part in our escape room games.

We look forward to seeing you at our Virginia Beach location.

Our Escape Room Games

The Explorers’ Club




1 Hour

You are one of the lucky few who have been invited to the world-renowned Explorers’ Club. But, something is seriously wrong, when you arrive…

Ghostly Encounter




1 Hour

An unsolved murder shrouded in mystery. A restless spirit looking for vengeance. And you and your team of intrepid ghost hunters must escape its wrath.

Lunar Lockdown



Recommended for more experienced players.


1 Hour

You are part of a rescue mission sent to investigate the abandoned Star Command vessel, the Lunar Eclipse. You have only one hour to restore power to the ship and escape!

Scene of the Crime



Recommended for more experienced players.


1 Hour

The year is 1939 and you must solve the final case of Miles Bowman, P.I., who was found murdered in his office by the Tarot Killer. Can you identify the murderer and alert the police before he strikes again?

Private Events Near Chesapeake, Virginia

people holding hand to build a team

Team Building

Hosting a team building event near Chesapeake? Our escape room games will challenge the folks on your team to cooperate with each other and push themselves to meet a shared goal.

group of friends blowing party horn

Birthday Party

Celebrating a birthday near Chesapeake? Our escape room adventures will engage every single guest at your party. And here’s the best part – all you need to do is make the booking.


Other Personal Events

An engagement? A graduation? Whatever the occasion, make the celebration near Chesapeake truly one of a kind at Escape2Win. Your family, friends and loved ones will remember this one!


GIft card from Escape2win Escape Rooms in Virginia Beach, VA

Looking for an amazing gift for your loved ones in Chesapeake? Gift them an Escape2Win gift card – it’s a gift they’ll remember forever!

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