Escape rooms aren’t a tough nut to crack if you approach them with the right strategy. A little teamwork, keen observation, and a cool head are all you need in beating escape rooms and to solve the most challenging cases. Taking on an escape game head-on isn’t the best approach, and you’ll most likely fail if you’re going in blind.

Several strategies can help refine your search when hunting for clues. We’ve listed the top five tactics to help you with beating escape rooms and to  solve the most intricate puzzles. Remember that a bit of practice helps you get into the groove and make the right moves.

5 Essential Escape Room Tips for Solving Challenging Puzzles Every Time

#1. Room intro / briefing:

The GameMaster will provide guidance in the form of verbal information, a video clip, or both. Remembering the information presented may save you time and effort. For example, if the briefing includes: “No need to remove pictures from the walls”, you need not spend time on that. This may also avoid damaging items inadvertently.

#2. Observe:

When the timer starts, take a good look around the room. Carefully examine props, doors, drawers, and cabinets that can be readily accessed. Take inventory of potentially significant items. It is usually not productive to try wall outlets or switches, and may be painful.

#3. Work together:

As a team, you and your group are collectively more effective at discovering and solving the clues, puzzles, and hidden surprises in the room. Communication is key, make sure your team knows when you have found or solved anything in the room.

#4. Utilize resources:

Most rooms have features that help save time and effort. If the room has a whiteboard, use it! Not only does this help in solving and tracking clues, it gives players a valuable reference. Ask for hints, consult with your team, and discuss your next move. When stuck, ask for a hint!

#5. Have fun!

Sometimes it’s not the destination, but the journey. In this case, it’s the destination. All kidding aside, escape rooms are meant to be enjoyed and entertaining. Go out and have fun!

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