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Escape rooms are an excellent source of pure entertainment. And if you haven’t played an escape game before, we highly recommend you get your first time escape room experience! Here’s a little preview for those unfamiliar with how an escape room works.

An escape room is an adventure game in which players must solve riddles and puzzles using clues, resources, and hints to escape the room. Apart from safety regulations, there are no protocols for room designs. So, every escape game is uniquely challenging.

One of the primary benefits of an escape room is the long-term perks of playing the game. And the things that you learn stay on even after you’ve left the venue. Escape rooms can teach us crucial life lessons like communicating with people, splitting up into teams to tackle a significant problem, thinking out-of-the-box, etc.

7 Escape Room Life Lessons Learned that Help in the Real World

These are our top seven picks.

Learn to Speak Out Loud

You can’t find your way out of an escape room by sticking duct tape on your mouth. You must share that information with your team when you find a clue. Every member of your team must be apprised of what’s happening inside the room. And that will only help you escape the room quicker.

Every time you find something new, say it out loud. And who knows, maybe one of your teammates might need that prop. Similarly, learning to express ourselves in real life is crucial. It helps minimize misunderstandings, break the ice, and begin conversations.

Learn to Work Together


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Unless you’re Houdini, there’s no way to escape an escape room within the timeframe on your own. So, the key to solving any challenge is to work together. Learning to play together is a crucial life skill as a collective effort is often needed to accomplish goals.

But working together doesn’t mean that you proceed without planning. Escape rooms teach us to utilize our strengths collectively. For instance, if you’re thorough in real life, you should be looking for clues.

And if you’re intrigued by riddles, you should be in charge of solving puzzles. While if you’re a team player and can solve problems efficiently, you should be in charge of team management.

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Learn to Use Good Judgement

Not every item inside an escape room is a part of the puzzle. Some props are deliberately included to confuse players. It’s up to you to decide which items are essential and which ones to avoid. Distractions are a part of the puzzle, and you must make a good judgment call to emerge victoriously.

Throughout a lifetime, you must make several choices. And it’s the decisions you make that define who you are. While most outcomes are favorable and create great memories, others do not. But no matter the consequences, the decision is always yours to make!

Learn to Think Outside the Box


When you have a task at hand and just 60-minutes on the clock, you’re forced to think outside the box. Everything you see around you, from the doors to the clock and furniture to the props, might contain the clues you need to escape the room.

The beauty of it all is you must connect the dots to figure out the narrative. Creative thinking helps answer the questions staring you in the face.

Several situations crop up in real life where you must think outside the box to find the right solution. Not everything around us is scripted. And creative thinking can help evade tricky situations.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help


You’ll find crucial clues in places that you least expect. So, don’t be afraid to touch everything. Every ordinary item inside an escape room is worth inspecting. But whether you go about searching every nook and cranny or ask the gamemaster for hints, is up to you.

Every escape room has a hint system that you can use. But that doesn’t mean you go around asking a dozen questions! It’s okay to rely on others to get you out of tricky situations every once in a while.

In life, we have friends, family, and mentors to guide us through difficult times. But nothing comes without effort. So, if you need resources, you must find them yourself.

Never Give Up

Time is limited and mustn’t be taken for granted. When several teammates collectively solve a puzzle and don’t need your help, make yourself useful by looking for clues. By wasting time inside an escape room, you’re minimizing the chances of winning.

Consistency is the key to success, and self-confidence plays a crucial part. Learn to take a break when you’re tired and get back to work. Failure is acceptable, but quitting is never the answer. If you fail to make it out in time, sit down with your team and analyze the things that went wrong. That way, you’ll be better prepared for the next time!

Learn to Pay Attention to Detail

You may have heard the quote, “the devil is in the detail.” But you won’t understand its essence till you’ve played an escape game. Just when you think that you’ve gathered the necessary pieces of the puzzle, the room throws a new challenge your way.

Every prop within an escape room serves a purpose. Whether that purpose is to help you escape or confuse you is up to you to discover. Pay attention to everything happening around you and keep a close eye on what your teammates are up to. That way, when you find a new prop, you can collectively join the dots.

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