Have an escape room date planned but can’t decide what to wear?

Maybe it’s your first time in an escape room, and you’re not sure what works and what doesn’t?

Don’t worry – we’ve all been there!

Escape games like ours can really bring out the best in a relationship, and dress code concerns should not be a drag on your experience.

Allow us to help you out…

Planning what to wear to your escape room date


The first step to an unforgettable escape room date? The perfect outfit.

First things first – let’s dispel concerns about escape room dress codes. There are NO dress codes in escape rooms.

So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t just dress to impress on your escape room date.

That being said, there ARE some practical aspects you should consider when planning your outfit, such as whether your clothing is comfortable, whether it allows for ease of movement, and so on.

And that’s what we will look at in this guide.

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Did you know? Escape rooms can teach you crucial life hacks.

Let’s take a peek inside the escape room environment


That’s from inside one of our rooms – The Explorers’ Club!

As you know, an escape game places you and your partner in a specially designed room/series of rooms where you have to solve a mystery within 60 minutes.

Most of the challenges you will face are non-physical – such as your logical thinking skills, your powers of observation, your teamwork, and so on.

For example, most of the games at our Virginia Beach escape room require little physical effort.

However, some escape room games may feature a few physical challenges, like crawling through a tunnel or being stuck in a tight space.

Another thing to consider is room temperature. Some rooms may lower or raise the temperature to deepen immersion.

You’ll have to take that into account, along with weather conditions outside, to plan your outfit.

Now that you have an overview of the escape room environment, it’s time to go through practical dressing tips and fashion inspiration for your special day!

First-timers should also check out these escape room tricks.

Practical dressing tips for your escape room date


Have a smooth date with these practical dressing tips.

Strike a balance between comfort and style with these practical dressing tips that won’t sacrifice your look for functionality.

Your outfit can be both a fashion statement and a tactical choice, ensuring you’re dressed for success as you decipher clues and conquer challenges.

Choose comfortable shoes

One of the most important aspects of your escape room outfit is your choice of footwear. 

Opt for comfortable shoes that provide support and allow for easy movement.

Sneakers or comfortable flats are ideal choices, as they will enable you to navigate the room with ease.

Dress in layers for flexibility


Layer up! Flexibility is key for your escape room date attire.

As escape rooms can have varying temperatures, dressing in layers allows you to adjust your clothing based on the room’s climate. 

And remember to account for the conditions outside. For example, if it’s warm outside, but the room interior will be cold, opt for layers that are simple to remove and won’t be a hassle to hold onto.

Avoid accessories that may hinder movement

While accessories can add flair to your outfit, avoiding items that may hinder your movement or take away your focus during the game is best. 

Have minimal jewelry and accessories to ensure nothing interferes with your ability to crack the game like a pro!

Fashion inspiration for your escape room date outfit


Stylish meets practical: Fashion inspiration for your escape room date.

Stepping into an escape room doesn’t mean you can’t step up your style game. 

Below are some chic and practical outfit ideas that will have you solving puzzles in style, ensuring you look as sharp as your wits.

Casual & stylish outfit ideas

For a casual yet stylish escape room outfit, consider pairing a comfortable pair of jeans with a trendy graphic tee

This laid-back look allows for ease of movement while still showcasing your personal style. 

Complete the outfit with a stylish jacket or cardigan for added versatility.

Incorporating trendy activewear

If you prefer a more sporty aesthetic, consider incorporating trendy activewear into your escape room date outfit. 

Opt for stylish leggings paired with a breathable workout top for a comfortable and on-trend look. 

This outfit choice ensures you’re ready for the escape room’s physical challenges.

Accessorizing for a fun & functional look


Fun and functional ideas for your escape room date.

When it comes to accessories, opt for items that are both fun and functional. 

A stylish backpack or crossbody bag adds a fashionable touch to your outfit and is convenient for carrying personal items. 

Additionally, a trendy pair of sunglasses can add a playful element to your look while serving a practical purpose if the escape room has bright lights or UV effects.

Dressing for an amazing escape room date – final thoughts


All set for an amazing date in our escape rooms?

We hope you’ve found the inspiration you were looking for to plan the perfect outfit for your escape room date. 

Time to put this to the test!

Come book a room with us for your next date.

Dress to impress, and have an experience that both of you will enjoy and remember.

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