Virginia Beach is home to scenic views, stunning sunsets, and beautiful boardwalks. Splendid landscapes make great pictures. And great pictures make impressive Instagrammable posts. 

Get your feed to go viral by going around the city and snapping everything that comes your way. You cannot miss a spot. 

Whether you are an Instagrammer or a photographer, this shall be your guide to the best snapping places in the city. So scroll down and explore the best 9 Instagrammable places in Virginia Beach

1. Virginia Beach Boardwalk

One of the most instagrammable places in Virginia Beach, the Boardwalk has a lot of open spaces and scenic views for a perfect Instagram picture. If you can capture the beach in your hair and if it is the golden hour, your picture has the potential of going viral. 

Make sure your camera is a great one, as the technicality of the phone camera is the key to a super aesthetic picture. Tag #VirginiaBeachBoardwalk to get featured on prominent Virginia Beach Instagram Pages.

Top Virginia Beach spots for content creators.

2. The Virginia Beach Pier

The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier is the ideal Instagrammable spot during the sunrise and sunset time frames that shall get you the best photos. Avoid filters for better pictures and make use of the original phone camera. 

The Pier is a long walk north of the Boardwalk and is open only from April through October. There is a small fee to walk and explore the Pier, and it is worth the fresh photos that will keep your feed running through a month! 

3. Escape2Win (If you are in Virginia Beach, find us!)

Escape2Win is the latest party center in Virginia Beach, providing entertainment to adventurers who solve riddles for fun. Plus, the mysterious and captivating background makes it a perfect win-win for gamers to click cool pictures! 

Visit our facility for an escape game or an evening of fun. Squad up and solve puzzles, and after a fantastic game, our staff shall get you the best group photo. Put it up on your Instagram and tag us or put in our hashtag, #Escape2Win, for better reach and also get a chance to be featured on our page! 

If you are a beginner to escape rooms, you can head here to understand how they function.

4. King Neptune Statue

Admire the King Neptune Statue by Virginia Beach. Or click a picture of two. Take your selfie stick or make your partner click at least fifty different versions of the same picture. Photos clicked during the golden hour will add an additional glow to your picture, and hence, it will receive more than a thousand love reactions. 

The statue is situated near Hilton Hotel on 31st Street. It consists of an octopus, a sea turtle, a lobster, two dolphins, and twelve fish, making it weigh 12.5 tons and standing at 34 feet tall! Make sure to click a picture with each of them. 

If you have kids, then this statue is a must-go and get all clicking! Your kids shall love the area around it too.

5. Cafes and Bookstores

Many whimsical and aesthetic cafes and bookstores are situated in and around Virginia Beach, which makes it a great place to take photos for your Instagram. The streets are also filled with antique shops and galleries. 

Visit the best one according to your pleasure and get yourself many, many pictures to run your feed for a week. Put on your favorite dress, be beach-ready, and you are all set to get clicking! Use filters for better pictures, but your picture quality might decrease a bit. 

Head here to explore coffee shops in Virginia Beach.

6. Cape Henry Lighthouse

One of the must-see Virginia Beach attractions, the Cape Henry Lighthouse has been the sea travelers’ guide to safety for over 100 years. One of the oldest in the country, the lighthouse is located within the Fort Story Military Base. This historic spot gives you a stunning view of the city and sea, making it a spot worthy of Instagramming. 

Whether you are a photographer or an Instagrammer, this place shall, anyway, be your haven. A proper government ID is required to enter the premises, and once in, climb to the top at once and get as many pictures as you can! 

Take one with the view and one with yourself along with the view. A great place for a panoramic shot, and you can even time them to fit yourself in each frame. If you can carry a tripod, then mount your phone on it and shoot a fantastic time-lapse. 

For fun facts about Virginia Beach, you may explore the link.

7. Sandbridge Beach

The beach with stunning sunsets, which gets very crowded on the weekends. Hence, you need to make sure to visit the beach at a time when it is not crowded for some clean pictures without anyone photo-bombing your frame. 

By default, beaches make a great aesthetic. There’s the sea, sand, and sky that come together to make an outstanding frame! And with you in the background, it is a definite hit. Pose in multiple different ways, avoiding the standard selfies, and if possible, mount your phone on a tripod for better stability. 

Look for sea-posing inspirations before you hit the shutter. And do not forget to play around with your camera. And apart from the sea, there are other attractions in the place to grab your attention. 

Sandbridge Beach makes one of the best places to take pictures near Virginia Beach.

8. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Natural beauty is always fun to capture. And when Virginia Beach offers the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, there is nothing worth more capturing. There are endless opportunities to get the shot you want. 

Play around in the place, you will have a ton of pictures at the end of the day! Get up close and personal with the local wildlife, nature, and the nitty-gritty available in the place. Outstanding reflections make great pictures too! 

The wildlife refuge is another popular Instagram spot in Virginia Beach after the Boardwalk. Head to the link if you are searching for trails to hike in Virginia Beach.

9. Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

As I mentioned before, nature, in all its capacity, makes beautiful landscape pictures. And nothing is better than capturing nature, a photographer’s best place. At Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, you can snap some really cool animal and marine life pictures! 

Play around with your camera angle to capture animals and plants. You need to have a steady hand for a steady shot. You also need to click many pictures from different angles to get the right shot or the exact shot framed in your brain’s camera. 

Videos can also be captured, and all you need is a few transitions and stylized shots and pans to come up with a beautiful marine life reel! If you are looking to capture yourself along with the animals, selfies might be the easiest way to grab some eyeballs.

So there you have it! The best nine instagrammable places to try your hand at. Although for a photographer, every place can become a good snapping place, and a few edits can make it instagrammable. 

Explore the place around, take great pictures, and do not forget to tag us! 


If you are still looking for Instagrammable places in Virginia Beach, explore more on the link. 

Cheers! Have a thrilling photo walk!

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