Escape rooms have become one of the fastest-growing activities for gaming enthusiasts, team building adventures, or simply a great way to spend an evening with friends and family. 

A thrilling activity and entertainment that puts your problem solving skills to the test as you work together with your team to find clues and crack codes to escape from a locked room before time runs out. 

But where do you go when you are looking for the absolute best escape room experiences? 

We have, in this article, listed some of the most unique and daring escape rooms around the world. If you are visiting the country, make sure to stop by these thrilling escape room games. 

Explore ahead!

1. Escape Boats, Ireland

Escape Boats are live escape rooms on boats. The facility is located in Dublin’s City Centre in Grand Canal Dock. They are featured in The Irish Times, Independent, The Times and Lovin Dublin. From 2 escape room games to choose from – SOS & Convicts, do you think you will be able to escape from the “perils of the Zorg Ella boat?” The only way out is by finding clues and solving mysteries; the final escape is very different and exciting from the generic escape rooms. If you are in Dublin, you simply cannot miss out on this adventure. 

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2. Sherlocked, Netherlands 

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Sherlocked is located inside a real bank vault. From the time you enter the vault, you are faced with several puzzles and mysteries, and when inside the actual room, you have 90 minutes to steal items from the bank and make it out alive. If you are in Amsterdam, take time off your schedule and head to the escape room vault to experience the best set design and gaming adventure. Do you envision yourself as a classic movie villain? 

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3. Escape2Win, Virginia 

Among other thrilling escape room games in Virginia, Escape2win in Virginia Beach is a go-to destination for those looking for a fun and challenging escape. Explore an explorer’s club, solve a murder, restore power to a spaceship, or inherit a strange reputation. Get ready to challenge your mind like never before. 

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4. Mystery Rooms, India 

Located in almost every city in India, Mystery rooms offer interactive and immersive challenges that include solving a murder case to escaping a covid lab. From various themes to choose from, each room is designed to test your problem solving capabilities and team building skills. With audio-visual rounds and an amazing set design, take your family to the nearest escape room when in India. 

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5. Seoul Escape Room, South Korea 

One of the most English-friendly escape rooms in South Korea, Seoul Escape Rooms, you won’t have any trouble finding and solving clues and puzzles. Bookings can also be made in English, and the rooms come in Korean and English. From many escape room games to choose from, their games are about 75 minutes with high-quality and thematic set design, technology and an interactive experience. The first escape room cafe in South Korea, Seoul, will make it worth your time. 

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6. The Amsterdam Catacombs, France 

Are you ready to go back centuries hence, to the underground world of Paris? In an otherwise beautiful city, the Catacombs are scary and spooky. You are given secret and unknown access and an oxygen mask to enter the underground world of Paris. What are you looking for? A will that has been forgotten for generations. Beware! As your oxygen is running out and on the way, you are faced with many obstacles, you must overcome tactfully and creatively. Worth your time and money; visit The Amsterdam Catacombs if you are in France.

This image has been taken from the Amsterdam Catacombs Website: 

7. Mr. X Mystery House, Shanghai 

Fun, spooky, and challenging where you have to crawl through narrow spaces, climb walls, carefully find your way through lasers, and solve mystery puzzles with creativity and intelligence. If you are in Shanghai, do not miss out on Mr. X Mystery House that will make your mind and body active through interactive and immersive challenges.


At the end of the day, many escape rooms across the world provide you with an amazing and thrilling experience. Most escape room games have a blend of technology and science fiction that offers an immersive experience. 

So wherever you visit, take an adventure to the best escape room games in the country or state or city. 

So find your way to the nearest escape room game! Bring your friends, pay attention to detail and think outside the box. And most importantly, have fun! 

Good luck!

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