Are you dying to get the most out of your escape room experience? 

 Or did that last mission leave you feeling unfulfilled and wanting more? 

 While escape rooms are designed to be challenging, some tricks, tips and strategies can help you improve your chances of success. This includes paying attention to your surroundings, working as a team, thinking creatively, and staying organized. 

 Check these tips and tricks to increase your chances of solving puzzles and escaping the room in time. 

 Dig in to solve escape rooms quickly! 

1. Pay Attention

Before any escape game begins, you and your team are briefed on the particular escape game room and theme. Listen to that briefing, generally given by the game host or game guide, who is also present throughout your entire experience. The briefing includes hidden clues that will be valuable to you during the game. 

During the game, pay attention to your surroundings. Clues are hidden in plain sight, and patterns might be present that will prove to be a clue and carefully examine the decor that might provide important context. 

Simply paying attention to your present surroundings and being mentally and physically present in the game will improve your chances of solving puzzles and escaping the room on or before time

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2. Play as a Team

There is no ‘I’ in a team game. So the most important thing to consider is to play the escape room as a team. 

Divide and conquer. Divide your team into small groups and allot a particular space to a certain team. This way, you can find puzzles faster and solve them faster too. 

Whenever you find a clue, shout out loud – communicate to your other team members and try solving it. If you cannot, pass it to another group and try taking their place to find more clues. 

Communication and collaboration will help you to escape the room earlier!

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People playing together

3. Relax to be Creative

One of the main purposes of escape rooms is that they help you to be creative. And if you aren’t calm, creativity won’t be unleashed. 

 Keep yourself calm. The game might be overwhelming, but do not let it get to you. Keep calm and think out of the box to come up with creative solutions to the puzzles found. 

 Try out every other solution, as no idea is a bad one. One will click, and to go through the entire process, stay hydrated and your nerves cool. By staying relaxed and open to creative thinking, you can increase your chances of solving puzzles faster and escaping the room! 

 You will also have new and fresh perspectives. 60 minutes is a long time. But be mindful of how much time you are utilizing on a certain puzzle. 

4. Explore the Room 

Exploring an escape room thoroughly is an important aspect. 

 Most often, clues are hidden in plain sight or disguised. Notice unusual patterns, features, or details in the room, as these might provide clues and escape room hints. 

 The first thing you do after entering an escape game room is to scan the room for clues and puzzles thoroughly. 

 Also, remember to keep your puzzles organized. Organizing them might open pathways to your next clue or puzzle. 

5. Remember the Theme 

Always remember the theme. The theme is your clue to finding and solving puzzles. 

 And moreover, understanding the theme will help you to solve them more effectively. Brainstorm ways in which it may be related to the puzzles you are trying to solve. 

 Think creatively, and answers will pop up! 

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Horror escape room theme

6. Move on to the Next Clue

Limit your time on a particular clue. If you are using more than 10 minutes on a particular clue, you are wasting time. This makes you nervous and decreases your chances of escaping on time. 

 Do not spend more than 7 minutes on a clue. If you are not able to solve it, do not be disheartened. Finding other clues and solving those will take you forward in your game. 

Some pretty nifty hacks and tricks to help make solving escape rooms a breeze. Next time you’re stuck, remember these helpful tips and check whether you can escape faster! 

 However, escape rooms are interactive puzzle games that are designed to be challenging and enjoyable for players. So, do not forget to have fun in your escape room adventure! 

 Note – Escape rooms aren’t dangerous; based on your knowledge, you can choose your difficulty level and lessen the scares and screams in your escape room. Most escape rooms are family friendly, and kids below 18 are allowed only with a guardian. 

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