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Advanced Reservations are Required

As we adapt to new COVID-19 Policies, our new hours (temporarily) are Wednesdays – Sundays only.

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your game time. 

Thanks for your support and understanding.

All bookings are now private and you will have the room to yourself.


Escape Rooms in Virginia Beach, VA

All Rooms are Private


Escape Rooms in Virginia Beach, VA

All Rooms are Private


Escape Rooms in Virginia Beach, VA

All Rooms are Private



Escape2win is a locally owned business that offers escape rooms in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. We currently offer three different room experiences, which are great if you’re looking for things to do with family, team building for groups and businesses, or something for you and your friends to do for fun. We offer discounted military, student, and group rates. Book your escape room in Virginia Beach today!

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Your group enters a themed room with scenic lighting and special effects. The object of the game is to escape and win by completing tasks throughout the room.



The clock counts down as your group works to solve puzzles, open secret doors, answer riddles, and more within a one-hour time limit.



Teamwork is key as you interact with objects, beat the elements, and make your way through the escape room.

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Solve all the puzzles correctly within the time limit to unlock the room, escape, and win the game!


Lunar Lockdown

Imagine this. You’re in space. Hostile aliens are rapidly approaching. Nearly all of your ship’s functions have been shut down and aren’t responding. If you can’t get the craft fully functional you and your crew will be blasted to space dust. This is the situation in which you find yourself in what is possibly the best escape room experience in Hampton Roads.

– Kyle M., TripAdvisor
Sincere Staff

Absolutely tremendous experience! Oh the staff is but a sober yet endearing reminder of the sincerity that remains among the few. To anyone daring to endeavor upon such an adventure I do implore you to visit Escape2Win, for surely you will be satisfied!

– Alejandro S., Google
A blast for our family!

Thanks to the Escape2Win crew for hosting our family in the Explorer’s Club escape room. This was our first escape room experience. The staff did a wonderful job explaining how it worked, what to expect and provided a great experience for our family.

– Fred A., TripAdvisor
Amazing experience

We had a great time here. The staff is obviously very much into making this a great experience. One of the people that went with us was totally against going. He asked me to "drop him off at a bar and pick him up when we were done". That didn't happen. We made him go in with us. He wound up having a great time and wants to go back.

– Rick F., Google
Great Fun!

While visiting VA Beach, our teens/tweens wanted an Escape Room adventure and we came across coupons and great reviews for Escape2Win. They were excited to try their hand at an escape room and chose the The Ghostly Encounter. It lived up to its name and provided just the right amount of fun, frustration, and finally success!

– Bridgete W., TripAdvisor