Escape Rooms in Virginia Beach, VA

Escape2win is a locally owned business that offers escape rooms in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  Currently there are two room types available which are great for family fun events, team building for groups and businesses as well as something for you and your friends to do for fun.  Book your escape room today! 

What is Escape2Win?


Your Group Enters A Themed Room With Scenic Lighting And Special Effects. The Object Of The Game Is To Escape And Win By Completing Tasks Throughout The Room


The Clock Counts Down As Your Group Works To Solve Puzzles, Open Secret Doors, Answer Riddles And More Within A One-Hour Time Limit.

Team Work

Teamwork Is Key As You Interact With Objects, Beat The Elements, And Make Your Way Through The Escape Room.


Solve All The Puzzles Correctly Within The Time Limit And You'll Unlock The Room, Escape And Win The Game!

Meeting Room/Party Space Now Open!

Corporate Teambuilding

Escape Rooms Are A Perfect Outing For Corporate Team-Building Events. The Skills Required To Escape The Room Are The Same Ones That Result In Success In The Workplace. Effective Communication, Analytic Skills, Being A Good Listener, Thinking “Outside Of The Box”, Working Under Pressure, And Being Able To Step Up As A Leader (And Team Member) Are Essential To Grow Your Business And Escape The Room.


Escape Rooms Are A New And Novel Way To Celebrate A Birthday With Family, Friends And Co-Workers. Make A Reservation And Receive The VIP Treatment For A Birthday You Will Never Forget.



Adventure Awaits!

You Are One Of The Lucky Few Who Have Been Invited To The World Renowned Explorers' Club!

There, You Have Only 60 Minutes To Locate A Priceless Artifact Hidden Decades Ago By Sir Edmund Carter, Eccentric Millionaire And Founder Of The Explorers' Club. It Lies Hidden Among A Collection Of Curiosities, Oddities And Relics From All Over The Globe.

And To Do So, You'll Need To Keep Your Wits About You To Find Hidden Clues, Solve Ingenious Puzzles, And Answer Enigmatic Riddles. And Things Are Not Always What They Seem...

But Beware! If You Fail To Find The Artifact In One Hour, You May Join His Collection Forever!

Do You Believe In The Supernatural?

An Unsolved Murder Shrouded In Mystery. A Restless Spirit Looking For Vengeance. And You And Your Team Of Intrepid Ghost Hunters Must Investigate A Haunted Parlor And Make Contact With The Other Side. But You Have Only 1 Hour To Solve The Mystery Of The Haunting And Escape With Your Sanity!

A Stray Meteor Has Collided With Moonbase Nova And The Central Command Computer Has Malfunctioned. Security Protocols Are In Place And You Are In Lockdown!

Even Worse, The Computer Has Disabled All Unnecessary Operating Systems, Including Life Support! You Have 60 Minutes To Escape From The Section And Make It To The Escape Pod Before You Run Out Of Oxygen, But The Damaged Computer Has Other Ideas...

There's Gonna Be A Hanging! You're Part Of The Hole In The Wall Gang And Wanted For Train Robbery.

Now You're Behind Bars And You Only Have One Hour To Break Out And Find The Evidence Against You While The Marshall Sees To The “Final Arrangements” With The Hangman.

Can You Escape In Time And Clear Your Name? Or Will The Population Of Dry Gulch Be Going South Right Soon?

Monday - Friday: 10am - 9pm | Saturday: 10am - 10:00pm | Sunday: 10:30am - 9pm
Escape room games run every 90 minutes. The last game runs approximately 90 minutes before closing time.

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5241 Cleveland Street,
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

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